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Thermostat Replacement

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Your thermostat is your way of keeping the air around you at a comfortable temperature. When you set your temperature preferences, the thermostat sends a signal to your system on how much and when air or heat should be produced and circulated. 


Like your other HVAC equipment, your thermostat won’t last as long. Something as simple as the changing of a battery or unclean components are some potential issues with your thermostat. At some point, you’ll have to reset or replace the thermostat by a professional.

Air Zoning

When the time comes to replace your thermostat, you have the option to stay with your traditional system or upgrade. More and more homeowners are switching to air zoning, which allows for different temperature adjustments throughout your home. Multiple thermostats will allow you to keep one room cooler than another if preferred.


If you are interested in elaborating more about this technology, please contact us today.

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