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Increase Energy Efficiency

Gas furnaces carry and distribute heat throughout the home using ducts. Highly popular among homeowners, gas furnaces are a great way to keep you cozy and warm. Unfortunately, no HVAC system is designed to last forever. 


There are various brands who offer gas furnaces, each consisting of similar features. Let us help you figure out which brand and type of furnace is best for you depending on your budget. Understanding the parts your gas furnace is composed of can help you figure out just what you need. Our technicians at Frye Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. are able to check the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of your system, precisely measuring the amount of energy being used. This will help determine whether or not your furnace is effective and efficient. 


We understand that upgrading your furnace may be a bit of challenge which is why we provide options for our customers. Together, we will look at different brands, options, and prices that work with your budget and is best for your home.​​

Indications of Potential Furnace Replacement

Aging System

You can expect your furnace to last somewhere between 15 and 20 years with proper care. Some signs indicating your system may be nearing the end of its life cycle include frequent part repairs, improper cycles, unusual noises, or the lack of sufficient warmth supply in your home.

Costly Repairs

Repair costs could become excessive, where getting a full replacement might be more beneficial for you and your home rather than repairing an older system.

Increased Bills

If your system has some age on it, replacing it with a new, efficient furnace can save you money on your gas/electric bills.

Unstable Heating

The older the furnace, the likelihood of uneven heat distribution increases. These furnaces need to be replaced. A new furnace warrants increased reliability and comfort.

Create A Joint System

Gas furnace.jpg

If replacement is assumed necessary, consider installing a hybrid heating system, such as a gas furnace with a heat pump. Uniting these two systems will save you energy and keep you comfortable throughout the year. 


Our team at Frye Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. would be delighted to talk more about a hybrid system installation and illustrate how it is one of the best methods for your home. 

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